Cars & Motorbikes

                Imagine ...
... puncture-freedom of the open road

Puncturesafe was made especially for this.
Because punctures do happen - when you least expect them,
                        often at the worst possible times and places.

You get a puncture on a lonely road.
Your spare is also flat, and you don't have a pump.
You're a member of a Rescue Service ... but how long will they take to reach you,
in a remote location - assuming there's a mobile signal to call them?

A bit worrying ...

Which is how and why Puncturesafe gives you peace of mind - when your safety depends on it.
Once installed, it acts as a reliable back-up ... helps ensure you don't get stranded.

Puncturesafe High-Speed grade for on-road vehicles - effective up to 240kph.

Installed in minutes - lasts the life of the tyre

The Benefits – 5 good reasons to buy Puncturesafe

  • No drama, no panic when you get a puncture - it's installed in advance, waiting to go into action
  • Won't affect your vehicle's performance
  • Easily, quickly and cheaply installed
  • No worries if you're not carrying a spare (eg. motorbikes, scooters)
  • Not a quick fix – a permanent seal of punctures

Advantages of Puncturesafe over the alternatives:

  • No changing wheels by the roadside, in the dark, under poor visibility, on a busy/isolated road ...
  • No need for roadside assistance - breakdown service or tyre fitter - even if you can get a mobile phone signal
  • No panic when you realise your spare is seriously underinflated
  • No need to replace tyres after using certain sealants
  • No restrictions on normal travelling speed (as with spacesavers)
Drawbacks of other 'systems':
Spare wheel/tyre
  • you need to ensure it's always fully inflated - you only find it's not when you go to use it!
  • if it's a "spacesaver", there are limitations on its use - max. 80kph and replace as soon as possible

Pressure-pack or sealant & pump

  • you have to install it yourself by the roadside
  • what if the pump doesn't work when needed?
  • tyres often can’t be repaired and have to be replaced, especially with aerosols

Patches and plugs

  • patches seal only the inner surface of a tyre, so dirt and moisture can still enter the puncture hole
  • patches are a temporary solution - they have failed at high tyre temperatures
  • plugs are most effective when inserted from the inside out, and a range of sizes is needed to deal with all punctures.

Guarantee: Puncturesafe High-speed grade is guaranteed to stop porosity leaks and punctures caused by objects up to 6mm in diameter within the tyre tread area for the life of the tyre providing there is no casing or structural damage, in which case, Puncturesafe may allow the tyre to slowly deflate in a controlled and safe manner, allowing the vehicle to be removed from a potentially dangerous location.