As a mine operator or contractor, you'll know tyres account for 25% of operating costs.
So it's vital to get maximum life from vehicle tyres without unnecessary repair or replacement.


And the worldwide shortage of mining industry tyres gives further incentive to protect those on your machines.

Puncturesafe sealant can help to decrease operating costs and increase earnings. ... How?
  • Helps tyres run cooler - they last longer from reduced wear, and are less prone to delamination
  • Fixes punctures on-the-move - reduces downtime of machine and driver
  • Maintains optimal tyre pressure - they need checking less often, remain inflated in long-term storage


On long haul, at higher speeds or low inflation, heat rapidly builds up in tyres.                                                           

And heat is responsible for most tyre failures - including tread separation, ply separation and carcase disintegration.

Reduce heat build-up, increase tyre life. It's almost that simple.

Puncturesafe has been formulated to extract heat from the tyre's tread area and move it to the steel rim, a more efficient heat sink.                                               The 'smart' sealant achieves this by automatically coating the whole inside of the tyre - tread, shoulders, sidewalls - right to the rim.

Puncturesafe will thereby help increase overall tyre life and your machine's tyre mileage per hour.


Puncturesafe also acts as a preventative - to stop punctures bringing your machines to a halt. If they keep operating, they keep earning their keep.

And Puncturesafe will continue to seal puncture after puncture* from objects up to 20mm dia. with the vehicle in motion.

Ride comfort

Another advantage of Puncturesafe: unlike solid-fill, it doesn't reduce ride comfort - so driver fatigue is less and productivity is higher.

All told, Puncturesafe is a sound investment.

For amount of sealant for most Off-road tyres, see the drop-down Sealant Volumes.

* not tears in the tyre sidewall