What is Puncturesafe?
A premier pre-puncture tyre sealant. It's installed quickly and easily in your tyres as a preventative measure - to stop punctures stopping you.

Puncturesafe safely seals tyres against loss of air as soon as they're punctured. This means less inconvenience - you can keep driving (or riding).
Puncturesafe is a permanent solution to punctures - it makes a tyre self-sealing, for the life of that tyre.
There are 3 main grades of Puncturesafe:
  • High-speed, on road (up to 240kph)
  • Heavy-duty, medium speed, on and off road
  • Extra-Heavy duty, low speed, off road

Bulk supplies 
resafe comes in handy 20-litre and 5-litre containers for mult
iple installations.
Instructions are attached to each drum.

Quality pumps (4-unit & 9-unit) are available for installing from 20-litre drums.
Amount of sealant for all tyre sizes is found on a CD supplied with the pumps.

DIY kits
Puncturesafe also comes in boxed kits for self-installation into single vehicles. Easy-to-follow instructions are included.

    Off-Road            Motorcycle     Car/SUV                
2 x 1-litre bottles 1 x 780ml bottle  2 x 780ml bottles   
   (for 4 tyres)   (for 2 tyres)     (for 4 tyres)      
Puncturesafe is a premium product at an affordable price.

For less than the price of a new tyre, you can have all 4 tyres protected by Puncturesafe.

Puncturesafe - trusted to work, simply because it does!