Great Tracks Cleanup: July 2013

"We thank all our sponsors, volunteers and supporters and so does the environment of Outback South Australia, as the roads and tracks do look a lot better without the rubbish and junk strewn along them and the camping, truck rest areas of the Marree, Birdsville and Strzelecki Tracks.

Finally, a report on the Puncturesafe treatment. Well, the company’s brochure promotes it as the world’s premier tyre sealant that stops punctures in their tracks. We strongly believe it works very well ... we had no punctures on any of the 4 wheel drives and trailers - totalling 64 tyres - that travelled a total of 15,820 kilometres on the cleanup, which is a first for us as we normally have 3-4 punctures per year. We came across tourists and transport drivers who had suffered numerous punctures on the same roads and were very interested in the Puncturesafe brochures."

                                     Stuart Paxton, Secretary/Treasurer/Coordinator, Great Tracks Cleanup



Persimmon Homes: March 2012

"Persimmon Homes were having problems with punctures on vehicles operating at our construction sites in the North East so we arranged a trial installing Puncturesafe Extra Heavy Duty Grade into one of our telehandlers. This trial was so successful we have extended the use of Puncturesafe to our fleet of site vehicles throughout the North East.

We are very pleased with the installation of Puncturesafe as the savings in tyre repairs and downtime on our construction sites have been substantial.”

Chris Curry, Construction Director, Persimmon Homes North-East

ClarkeSon Recycling
: January 2012

"Just a short message to say how pleased we are that we have used your heavy duty PunctureSafe. We have used other products in the past but they have proved unsuitable for the conditions we have on site, especially on the areas which are used for composting, where the road surface can be excessively wet and aggressive.

We have had the Heavy Duty Grade installed for the last year in our JCB Fastrak and 18 ton Bailey Trailer used on site to move around processed wood waste. Before the inclusion of PunctureSafe we were experiencing many punctures due to loose nails from the wood processing. Since the installation of PunctureSafe we have had NO punctures and NO downtime.

We have also used the product in our JCB Telescopic Loader and again NO punctures, even after hundreds of hours of use over the past twelve months. Based on our experience I can thoroughly recommend the Heavy Duty Grade for larger site-based machines which are prone to punctures and the High Speed Grade for road-going vehicles."

Steve Clark MD, ClarkeSon Recycling Ltd, COR Services


Devon Advanced Motorcyclists

Puncturesafe allowed us to continue with our journey safely and without aggravation, and saved us from a potential blow-out on the M4 after collecting two very large nails in our rear tyre; and that is one of the many reasons it is so popular with the Devon Advanced Motorcyclists."

John Taylor & Helen Beer, South West BMW Club

Frome 2CV Centre re 2006 World Cup Rally

"In January we travelled 8000kms from Brooklands in Surrey down to Dakar in Senegal, West Africa. Again we had no punctures when all around us others were struggling with punctures caused by the conditions of heat, sharp stones, very prickly bushes and general debris. That makes a total of over 20,000kms completed with the help of Puncturesafe on 3 World Cup endurance rallies in our Citroen 2CV across most of North Africa, across Europe to Greece to West Africa. All credit to you and your product which makes our life so uncomplicated! Many thanks again."

Simon Chance, Frome 2CV Centre