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If you want to cut running costs ...

Puncturesafe can help you with your two biggest costs - Fuel and Tyres.

Puncturesafe is a true preventative-maintenance product and tyre life-extender.

Main Benefits of Puncturesafe Heavy-Duty (HD) grade

  • Reduces costly downtime of vehicles and drivers
  • Protects against blowouts, run-flat damage, tread separation
  • Extends tyre life considerably by cooler running
  • Reduces tyre repair & replacement costs
  • Maintains correct inflation pressure to improve fuel economy

A simple, quick and effective tyre treatment

Puncturesafe - keeping costs down * keeping vehicles on the road

Puncturesafe Heavy-Duty grade was developed after extensive testing in response to ever-increasing demands of vehicle operators,
who wanted a reliable and effective product capable of preventing costly and inconvenient tyre deflation on the road.

Amount of Sealant
Below are common tyre sizes and the amount of Puncturesafe HD sealant needed (for on-road use).

Tyre Size

Volume per tyre (litres)















Features of Puncturesafe

  • Plugs punctures as they happen – immediately creates a permanent seal
  • Stops damage from flat-running, blowouts and tread separation
  • Extracts heat from tread area – tyres last longer, are less puncture-prone
  • Seals punctures up to 15mm diameter
  • Prevents air loss from rubber porosity
  • Stops air loss at bead & valve stem
  • Non-flammable – Non-toxic – Non-hazardous
  • Flushes out with water – no residual stickiness – good for retreading
  • Biodegradable – safe to dispose of after use
  • Will not rust wheel rims & steel belts
  • Effective to 150°C
  • Does not void Tyre Manufacturers’ warranty

Puncturesafe's abilities and performance are not diminished with speed, distance or time. Its normal shelf life is 7 years - tyres will need to be replaced long before the sealant loses its abilities.